“Made in America," the ad says, "but we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.”
Technology has become a catalyst for change. We connect differently, we share more freely, our eyes are open to the world in a way they never could be before and 1.8 billion millennials are collectively defining their future, our future, across geographies and across culture.
We've found 10 new ones that are even crazier. (Think electricity, sriracha and tobacco.)
Maybe college girls aren't the only ones who love the stuff?
Do you agree with the results? Vodka is the most popular liquor in America. Adults (21+) under 50 preferred Grey Goose slightly
Veronica Devine opened Veronica's Bar a dozen years ago. The place's history is as blurry as a drunk's double vision.
Though rumors circulated through the crowd that Madonna would offer up a sneak preview of her highly-anticipated album (set
There are the starving artists, burning unacknowledged works to keep warm in the wintertime, and then there are these artists
Madonna, who turned 53 this week, is partnering with Smirnoff to find the a new dancer for her next tour. Madonna joins the
"Yes, Scotch was big in those years -- Cutty, Dewar's, Johnnie Walker, J&B (known as Jewish Booze). None of the really expensive
The world of vodka now resembles the denim floor at Barney's New York: crowded. Each year brings with it a fresh crop of
I've used Icing to get my apartment cleaned and my car serviced. Icing has also improved my romantic life. I gave an engagement ring to a beautiful woman on the subway and now she has to marry me.
If you already get paranoid when you binge on illicit substances, here's another reason to be. UPDATE, 6/24 -- Smirnoff Gets