Smith & Wesson

The major gun manufacturer is the second to face pressure from investors in recent months, amid renewed attention on daily bloodshed and mass shootings.
Youth activists in Massachusetts are telling the gun manufacturer to stop making military-style rifles and to fund gun violence research.
HuffPost spoke with 11 black gun owners to figure out what gun ownership means in a country determined to keep its black populace unarmed.
For those folks in the gun violence prevention (GVP) movement who have been lamenting the pro-gun attitudes of the Oval Office
Bruce Fanning left to get his gun, but didn't call the police until after he shot an elementary school teacher three times.
We know the drill. The NRA will lie low for a few more days while the outrage dies down. Then Wayne LaPierre, face of the NRA, will emerge from under his rock praising the armed security guard at the Orlando disco, stating that if only there had been more good-guy guns (in a loud, crowded, dark, strobe-lighted space!), that Americans need to arm themselves--the usual drivel.
The gun maker reported a 61% jump in quarterly revenue.
There are already more guns in America than Americans.
According to, financial analysts think that fears of tighter gun legislation have stalled, which is leading
Even then, as Bloomberg notes, it can be difficult to "disarm" your portfolio. A lot of 401(k) money is now put into index