Smithfield Foods

The Iowa congressman is facing a backlash after spouting racist rhetoric to a far-right Austrian propaganda site.
New legislation in North Carolina has placed pressure on the Food and Drug Administration to review their rules regarding the labeling of milk and limits the ability of residents to hold big-ag operations accountable for pollution.
The North Carolina farms "generate many times more sewage than entire towns."
Trump cares about his job and the development of his infrastructure.
Pigs have long been a tantalizing source of transplants because their organs are so similar to humans.
Stock-based payments are often used to retain top talent and reward senior employees for executing large and complicated
I'm making a prediction: America will be vegan by 2050. Sound preposterous? Not if we work together to make it happen.
Will Shuanghui stand up to the challenge and lead this industry into a clean future? Only time will tell - but the clock is ticking!
After the acquisition closes, Shuanghui must then decide the fate of Spanish packaged meats company Campofrio, of which Smithfield
So, what does the scarceonomics of food, water, energy, and other critical commodities mean for governments, economies, investors, and consumers? If we apply some lessons learned and a little ingenuity, the prospects could be positive.
If Democrats wish to vent their frustration with Schumer and a two-party system controlled by corporate interests like factory farms and prison companies, they're more than welcome to defect to the Green Party.
Sadly for Smithfield’s Bar-B-Q, this has happened before. After Smithfield Foods announced it was being acquired by a Chinese
Smithfield's know-how and stature will help the Chinese pork industry combat some of the environmental and quality concerns that have plagued it. For Americans, however, the deal comes at a time when many are wary of China's growing stature.
We should all be leery of deals like Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd.'s proposed purchase of Smithfield Foods Inc. They further consolidate our food system, which is already dominated by a mere handful of Big Ag players.
China and the US are not-so-secretly on the verge of, if not a new cold war precisely, at least a cool one. But if you're
“The opponents of this will take food safety and some environmental issues and raise them to a national security issue,” said
Smithfield executives emphasized that the deal has nothing to do with bringing Chinese products to the American table. Rather
Its shares surged $7.23, or 27.8 percent, to $33.20 in premarket trading Wednesday. Shuanghui has 13 facilities that produce