It's a provocative move expected to result in a major legal battle.
China might have a solution to its pollution problem -building ‘forest' cities for its citizens.
Poor air quality causes nearly 1.1 million people to die prematurely in India each year, the study says.
What's more - those residents and institutions, who decide to switch from old, inefficient coal heating to modern ones are
OO Obama Bans New Oil, Gas Drilling Off Alaska, Part Of Atlantic Coast in a push to leave his stamp on the environment before
[The tragic scenes that killed workers on the railroad track due to heavy smog in Anyang City of Henan Province./ Source
It sounds whimsical, but Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde turned his sustainable design experiment into reality.
Jamie T. Mullins, Assistant Professor of Resource Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst Jamie T. Mullins, University
The future offers tremendous environmental risk from urbanization, as well as incredible potential to bring nature's power to cities, and I'm sure of one thing: Whatever happens, China will be at the center.
Concerns over China's economic and environmental crises should not be dismissed quickly. But they also present an opportunity. China's modern history could very well be that of an environmental revolution.
Several cities have banned fireworks because of air pollution.
What's missing is the political will to abandon an existing model based on asphalt, oil, speed and consumption in order to embrace a new political and administrative paradigm.