The air quality in Seattle and other parts of Washington, classified as "unhealthy," is finally beginning to improve.
The California wildfires are the deadliest in the state’s history. But the smoke is contributing to a longer-term and public health crisis.
Worldwide air pollution caused 5.5 million deaths in 2013 from lung cancer stroke, bronchitis and other diseases -- more than malaria or AIDS.
Both kinds of smokers are at high risk of gum disease.
Sleep can actually affect cholesterol -- and poor sleepers are far more likely to smoke.
If you suspect your pet is suffering from smoking-related problems of any kind, I encourage you to make an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Currently there is "no regulation on a federal level of e-cigarettes," Dr. Cuomo said.
This review appeared in the Broad Street Review on March 7, 2016 Men who, like John, enjoy inflicting pain on women long
There's no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure.
But not everyone is putting their butts out for good.
KUALA LUMPUR -- It is right to criticize Indonesia for the forest fires that cast a suffocating haze across Southeast Asia this summer and fall. But this is a regional problem. Indonesia can't do it alone. ASEAN and the world must step forward and take action, before Southeast Asia is lost in the haze forever.
Video shows how to be the Martha Stewart of Mary Jane.
Manhattan is brimming with all types of services, from high-end repair shops and cleaners to prime restorers and more, to keep all of your luxury and beloved belongings in top shape.
The province of Yunnan, stretching over 394,000 square kilometers in the far southwest of the Republic of China, is rich in color, tradition and history. More than 30% of its population of 45 million is made up of over 25 ethnic minorities like the Yi, Bai, Hani, Zhuang, Miao, Mozuo and Dai people. Most of the ethnic minorities live in compact communities with rich customs and traditions that live on despite the recent economic change that takes over the Chinese mainland.