smokeless tobacco

Gwynn believed it caused the cancer that killed him.
Cigarette taxes may be pushing young people to other kinds of tobacco products.
"It’s important to note that the states with lower tobacco use prevalence typically have more robust tobacco control programs
What players do on their own time in their personal lives is for them to decide, but baseball stadiums are workplaces and public places, and baseball games are seen by millions of kids.
The familiar image of baseball players chewing tobacco may soon be history.
Products once labeled as lighter and milder are still sold. Even if labeled with random letters in plain white packs, consumers through tasting can identify the milder, lighter, smoother brands, and need to know that such brands are not linked to any reduced risks.
Cigars can be as deadly as cigarettes -- especially for former cigarette smokers, for those who smoke smaller cigars, for those who inhale and for those who smoke several times a day.
As the FDA continues to slowly ponder the complicated challenge of regulating tobacco products, other states can follow the leads of Indiana and, hopefully Oklahoma, by embracing the products of innovation to reduce the risk of smoking related diseases.
To handle the lobbying in Topeka the tobacco company has hired to the Republican-leaning Hein law firm, which is headed by
But science says otherwise. Smokeless tobacco products contain nicotine, as much as four times more than cigarettes, and
By Adelle M. Banks Religion News Service (RNS) Religious leaders are hoping to hit a home run in a campaign to get Major
Whether tucked in a burly athlete's cheek or daintily positioned in a gentleman's lip, smokeless tobacco has long been a public bane.
It's easy to be moved by baseball legend Joe Garagiola's anti-tobacco mission, but his campaign may ultimately cause more harm than good.