He starts with explaining energy and heat transfer, covers pots and pans and knives, and all the basic tools of the trade
Here's a simple thing you can do to improve your turkey. Throw out your roasting rack. It's time to kill this old tradition whether you are cooking indoors or outdoors, whether you are roasting a turkey or prime rib.
For more of my tips on turkey, including how to shop for turkeys, when to start defrosting, why you should dry brine not
Only seven percent of smokers can quit on the first try. But, the best way to quit doesn't involve patches or gum. We discuss how mindfulness meditation can actually help smokers kick the habit.
We think the flavor is less exciting than the flavor from devices that generate heat by combustion of charcoal, wood, or gas.
What are the deal breakers, or stallers, when it comes to recipes? Here are a few that popped into my head.
Cold, rain, snow, sleet, and wind may not delay the mail but they can sure delay the meal.
"There is a risk for such smokers to continue to smoke and be adversely impacted by the tobacco they smoke, yet they do not
Click Here to see The Ultimate Barbecue Sauce Taste Test Tim Carman told us, "For me, barbecue spareribs should not fall
The best smokers to buy this summer.