smokey robinson

An Instagram Live event kicked off at midnight to play 24 hours of the legend's music.
First Lady of Outer Space (and much more) Nichelle Nichols has beamed down to San Diego Comic Con this week, surprising us all with her smashing new single, "Fly Me to the Moon." The grand dame of sci-fi, who originated the role of Lieutenant Uhura on the original series of Star Trek 50 years ago, arrived Wednesday night to grace the world première extravaganza of Star Trek Beyond.
That's not to say he's slowed down at all on the music, either. Robinson has a schedule of tour dates lined up, is working
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"I'm thinking to myself, 'That's a lie.'
Talk about getting an early start.
"I did it for two-and-a-half years, and I was a walking corpse."
It was primarily because of one man: David Ruffin.
Living with MS, a progressive illness, has forced me to accept sudden changes in life that are not always easy or pleasant to deal with. Accepting and loving myself -- overcoming fear, embarrassment and self-consciousness -- was a significant milestone for me.
Some nights of theatre are pure magic. Whether it's the performance, the material, the audience, the theatre, a mix of all of the above, some nights are special and you know you're having a once-in-a-lifetime event.