On a rainy day in April 1990, I journeyed to the outskirts of Warsaw to one of those functional Communist-era apartment building
In 1940, the Soviet NKVD murdered 22,000 Polish army officers, police, and intellectuals in the Katyn forest and then pinned the blame on the Nazis. In 1990, the Soviet Union finally admitted its guilt in the matter.
The New York Times quotes the 328-page report as saying: The pilots, it noted, “had little experience” flying in difficult
If the cause of the crash is determined to be a flight controller's mistake or a malfunction of the navigation equipment at the Russian airport, it could reignite the Polish-Russian conflict.
According to investigators, the plane's black box recorders make it clear that the crew knew they were doomed after hitting
Chicago churches plan to hold memorial services Sunday honoring the 97 victims killed in the plane crash that killed Poland's