smores recipes

At just 150 calories a bar, they are sure to kick any s'mores craving with a quick hit of deep chocolate paired with a hint
Well, guess what--since the last time you were a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, the rustic s'more has gone haute.
No fire pit needed to create these ridiculously delicious riffs.
Just imagine the chaos that would ensue if a camp counselor told a bunch of nine-year-olds it was time for s'mores and presented
In honor of my official addiction to City Bakery's Hot Chocolate Festival this month, I set out on a culinary quest: to make the ideal, healthy, homemade marshmallow.
Looking for something a little s'more exciting on your next camping trip?
Did everyone just decide they never want to go outside again?
What better way to celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow Day?
There's a whole new world of s'mores to be discovered.
Summer may be over, unofficially, but not without a sweet sendoff from our resident weeknight-recipe guru, Chef Danielle
S'mores + Pizza = Possibly the best thing you will ever taste in your life. This s'mores pizza recipe combines soft and chewy