snack recipes

We've got one word for you: protein. It keeps your metabolism going and curbs hunger, so you won't need to eat as much later.
Are there too many processed snacks in your pantry? Time to think outside the box when you need something satisfying between meals. From Crispy Roasted Chickpeas to Herbed Cottage Cheese, these homemade snacks are all a cinch to make and fun to eat.
To enjoy, eat the beans from their shells and discard the shells. Serves 4 as an appetizer. Some foods have mind control
It has protein, good fats, fiber and, of course, great taste.
Whether you prefer sweet, salty, chocolaty, fruity, nutty or cheesy, we've got a between-meals bite that will satisfy your cravings.
I'd forgotten that frittatine were on my post-vacation to-cook list. What reminded me to try making this Neapolitan snack staple -- which amounts to fried macaroni and cheese -- was a post on Twitter that depicted a macaroni pie, something that is evidently highly prized in Scotland and is an object of good-humored derision in many other places. (To me it sounds as if it might be addictive; I'll try one some time.)
Now I can prepare myself a perfect summer snack for the end of a long day.
2 Tbsp. olive oil Prone to pizza cravings? Instead of indulging in calorie-heavy slice after slice, try this pizza-inspired
Hunger is the mother of invention. It was my first day working from home in ages, and I was starving. It was Friday, which somehow in most people's minds, including mine, has become Pizza Day (why is that?).
Ditch the concession stand and make these at home instead.
If you, like me, have vowed to put some time into packing the car with good foods for an upcoming road trip, here are some of my ultimate favorites to make for the road. What are your favorite healthy treats to pack for the car?