If you find a promising mate, use the hashtag #SnailLove.
Snails is a French-Canadian producer from Montreal who earned his stripes with Kannibalen Records in 2012. Since then, his
There is no chance that anyone would ever say my house is "boring". I kid you not. We are a menagerie of adventures. Take yesterday for example.
Watching eggs hatch is always an adventure, but this time-lapse video of tiny pond snails going from embryos to hatchlings
Nobody likes to get rained on. This includes humans, this tree frog and especially this snail, even though some snails come
Near or far, seafood is one of the most universally enjoyed cuisines in the world.
It is a delicious and rather elegant dish: the bread for mopping up extra sauce is built in, and the balance is just right.
Turkey quickly segues into decoratively iced cookies, eggnog and ham, and before we know it, January 2nd rolls around, and the champagne toasts turn to champagne bloats. But let's rejoice! It's just the beginning, and stuffing, lobster bisque and some eggplant pizza are getting me on track!
The species is described this week in the journal Subterranean Biology. Copyright 2013 LiveScience, a TechMediaNetwork company
Giant African Land snails are overtaking parts of Florida, destroying crops and spreading parasites. Read more on