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The law that calls for drug tests also claims that an "individual who is a recipient under the food stamp program is considered to be a welfare recipient."
The number of Americans receiving benefits shot up from 27 million in 2007 to 47 million in 2012 thanks largely to a bad
Concannon said that when a supermarket near his house was handing out free two-liter bottles of soda on a recent day, he
The Kansas law codifies policies that the Kansas Department for Children and Family Services has had in place since 2011
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Tom Colicchio is an award-winning chef, restaurateur and Top Chef host who learned how to cook from Ma and Grandma. This
Being required to attend WIC advising sessions every one to three months can be a problem for low-income workers. Michael
Even though I sat at their same table, I just couldn't give up on them. Those kids needed someone, and I refused to allow myself to be discouraged. I refused to allow my advocacy to waiver. I refused to stop and lick my wounds. I tried my damnedest to give a voice to those voiceless children. I kept fighting, kept moving, and was never out of the fight -- just as the Army trained me.
These were not the dregs of society looking for a handout. These were working people, just like me, who just needed some help. This was a shocking reminder of what has become of the middle class.