snap cuts

The Bill Clinton economic/poverty legacy is a mixed bag. What legacy will his wife, Hillary Clinton leave as president, if elected?
In February, Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin (R) proposed banning food stamps recipients from using their Electronic Benefit
The program currently serves 46 million Americans with an average monthly benefit of $127.91 per person, according to the
Next week, congressional budget bosses will unveil spending blueprints that could call for further reductions in food stamp
"I think the chances are better than 50-50," Farm Bureau lobbyist Mary Kay Thatcher agreed. "These difficult cuts were made
Twenty-three million households and 47 million Americans received benefits on an average month in 2013; enrollment declined
WASHINGTON -- Massachusetts on Tuesday became the eighth state to announce new measures to protect food stamp beneficiaries
The Obama administration has had more flexibility to delay the implementation of some other unfavorable changes to safety
Dealing with hunger head-on was a transformative experience for Dickinson, and it inspired her to join her state's leading
McGovern pointed out that a big food stamp cut has already taken effect. In November, Congress allowed an earlier benefits