Doctors said stopping sneezes by "blocking nostrils and mouth" is dangerous, and this story shows why.
Find us a better video of a puppy sneezing, we dare you.
If you're one of those people who always coughs and sneezes into the crook of your elbow, THANK YOU. The findings could change
4. Sunlight causes many people to sneeze. 2. Their germ-ridden spray can land pretty far away. 3. We sneeze to give our noses
It turns out that scientists know just how easy it is for wayward germs to find a path into your nasal passages in confined spaces like planes, trains and busses.
This sneezy compilation sure is cute, but be aware that excessive sneezing in animals can be caused by allergies, infection
Sometimes kids have a hard time expressing what's on their minds, but when the evidence is dangling right under their noses