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Do your mornings suck? If mornings at your house resemble Filene's Running of the Brides or Black Friday morning, then it's time to get a handle on it. The best news is that you can. No matter how crazy our mornings, we can all instill a little sanity -- and create a positive feedback loop for the entire day.
Implement these tips into your routine and you'll find yourself not only making it to your lecture on time, but having a few minutes to spare to sip that latte in peace and prepare yourself for the day ahead.
Why this can feel so good: Your body has several mechanisms to prepare you to wake up and get moving. One of these is turning
We'd be lying if we said it wasn't tempting to hit snooze. Considering around 35 percent of us get fewer than seven hours of sleep a night, who wouldn't want just a few more minutes of undisturbed slumber?
Go To Bed Earlier We know, easier said than done. But hitting the hay earlier will make mornings easier. "We want people
When you hit the snooze alarm, you are disrupting your current stage of sleep. Unfortunately, in many ways, fragmented sleep is worse than no sleep.
In many instances, you may be suffering from what we call social jet lag. You sleep much longer on weekends but on weekdays
Oh, dear snooze button, how you tempt us: By squeezing out sleep in nine-minute margins, you allow us to give away the gift
Most of us are very familiar with that feeling of desperation when the alarm goes off in the morning. Our bodies seem to
The alarm goes off and all you want to do is stay under the covers. In desperate times, you might think hitting the snooze
When LARK announced their 5-week test with AOL employees, I couldn't sign up fast enough. The "un-alarm" clock promises a more natural wake-up and a better quality of sleep.