snow days

When 23-year-old Richard Tam opened his Chinatown shop 10Below last year, it quickly drew three-hour lines of eager customers. This was despite no real marketing on the part of Tam and his business partners, who were first-time restaurateurs.
After the historic storm that just hit the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas, I don't EVER want to see not even a snowflake, in life! As a matter a fact, being trapped in the house with a preschooler for five days straight might be worse than the aftermath of the snowstorm. Just kidding!
When you're snowed in with nowhere to go, you might as well stay busy in the kitchen. From cozy beef stew to boozy apple cider, these recipes will warm you up -- especially after you finish shoveling that driveway.
The twinkling magic of Christmas is over, but winter still has some magic up its sleeve -- in the form of fluffy, white snow. As much as ice-covered roads and plowed-in driveways can be big nuisances, don't forget the excitement and beauty that the first big snowfall brings.
"If all we cared about were test scores, then superintendents should call more snow days," Goodman said, "but the other considerations
Grant me patience, Lord, but hurry. I recited these words like a mantra on our recent snow day, the second school cancellation in a week. Blindsided by the blizzard, everyone trapped at home again, I steeled myself for the hours ahead.
Parents looking for a straighter answer on snow days may have more luck on Boughton's Facebook page, which is considerably
Cook said it was Freestore’s “innovative” approach that enabled the group to carry out a seamless operation. The West Clermont
We all know what happens to kids in this situation -- Yippee! Snow days! But what about the grown-ups who are supposed to be working? What's their fate? As is so often the case, it depends quite a bit on the type of work they do.