snow sculptures

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Oh, you built a snowman? That's cute. While you were busy getting into snowball fights over the holiday break, these brothers
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There's plenty of free material, though -- the school has recorded over 12 feet of snow since the season began. Sculptures
The unique sculpture is the latest snow art created by the Bartz family. The three brothers began molding elaborate snow
Bill Watterson's classic comic strip always took an extra sharp turn for the weird around the season's first snowfall. And although there hasn't been a new "Calvin and Hobbes" printed in the last twenty or so years, Calvin's mischievous spirit has quite clearly lived on.
A snowman reenactment of Shaun of the Dead. A snow intruder. A perfectly un-perfect snowman. A lot of snow monsters and their
Photo by Chien-An Yuan An as-yet-anonymous Chicago snow sculpter has created a little something special for Super Mario Bros
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An enormous pavilion in China's Heilongjiang province was instantly transformed to a sparkling fairyland with the launch