It was around the time that I got my very own snowboard that I stopped snowboarding. Snowboarding gave me wings, the freedom
Dramatic landscapes, verdant valleys and snow-capped mountains infuse Aspen and Snowmass with a beauty that demands true appreciation.
I want to take this opportunity to wish my mother, who turns a year older today, a very happy birthday, although I fear she won't have one.
The burger arrived, and it was, indeed, mammoth. It was a pound of beef topped by a pound of cheese, green chilies, pork belly, lettuce, tomato and tortilla strips (it's supposed to have onion rings also, but that would be disgusting).
When organized skiing began on Colorado's Snowmass Mountain in 1963, it's unlikely those early skiers, dreamers and developers could imagine how large and comprehensive the resort would become.
Skiing is one of our favorite winter activity: There's just something about getting out in the fresh air and fresh powder that does a body good.
The water is traditionally piping hot, but you can cool down with icy washcloths over your face.
Snowmass in Colorado is a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders. As part of a series on ski resorts, Huffington
From the Snowmastodon Project press release: Finds from the site will make their way to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Dr. Johnson said in a press release: The National Geographic Society plans to feature the Snowmass Ice Age-finds on PBS as
The fossil teams will include nearly 40 scientists from four countries and 15 institutions; 107 volunteers, including educators
"He couldn't move ... I don't know how long he had been there, but he was cold, and definitely happy to see me," Shalen told
Like him or not, Lee Mulcahy's courageous stand has thrown open the curtain of a very tough, very taxing profession. The image of the glamorous ski instructor is exactly that -- an image.
ASPEN -- The mountain resort real estate markets in Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge bounced back in 2010 after bottoming out
Whenever kids are part of the equation, let go of all expectations. You'll be lucky if you get a few of those can't-believe-we're-here-together moments.
Here in Aspen and Snowmass, it's fair to say the young die frequently, perhaps the price to be paid for living among such mountainous and monumental beauty.
Even in the midst of the recession, environmental practices at ski resorts have been improving. That's according to a report
2010 figures to be a banner year for ski technology. Resorts around Colorado are churning out apps to assist in everything
You've heard of the La Brea Tar Pits, the place in Los Angeles where hundreds of fossils have been found, right? Well, now we've got something in Colorado just like it, except for all the tar.