Russia had already surpassed expectations by reaching the last eight, ousting Spain on the way.
He's poised to become the first openly gay male athlete to compete at the Winter Games.
"He knows he is going to be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life," his lawyer said.
Putin offered to hand over a transcript of the meeting to U.S. lawmakers.
Local media said the aircraft disappeared shortly after departing from Sochi.
LOS ANGELES — Dozens of Russian athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, including at least 15 medal winners, were
The Debed River contains high levels of lead from industrial discharge, and streams and rivers in the Ararat Valley have
Twenty-five years ago or thereabouts I brought together an international consortium to build a new seaport at Novorossiysk, north of Sochi on the Russian Black Sea coast. Needless to say, the proposed world class port never got built. But if it had, it might have changed history.
On Friday, Kitty Block, vice president of Humane Society International, said she was "excited" that the pups had finally
While Anderson doesn't think yoga should be an Olympic sport, she certainly brought her vinyasa practice to the Olympics. Below, the nature-loving California girl tells us how she chilled out with meditation, mala beads, and a few relaxing poses the night before her big win.
Tobias Campbell shoots and edits Noan Chenfeld's video "I'm Just A Soul" just like a pro, employing the teen singer-songwriter's emotional delivery and bipedalism to make use of Central Park's beautiful snowed-under bleakness.
It's hard to imagine the kind of emotional weight athletes feel leading up to and during the Olympics. The excitement, the
We "bonded" that night, many of us, watching that performance -- not just with the two gorgeous young things twizzling around
The last thing Ukraine needs now is a paternalism. They need an understanding and helpful West. One that sees the big strategic picture, its own interests and the interest of the Ukrainians in cohesion.
Sochi was a showcase for soft power strategy and there is no doubt that influence plays were being run.