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In the 1980s, those in the USSR who still thought they were on top of the world must have felt the scales fall from their
Though only time will tell, we should see substantial change in the 2024 Summer Olympic bids. In the meantime, with 2015 as the Year of Sport and three major sport events happening across the country, Canada will have the nation and the world watching.
Two flight attendants told the court that they saw Manselius walking towards the cockpit. He had two economy-class blankets
What should we think of a competition where one in three of the world's best athletes are sustaining injuries from which they may never fully recover?
SOCHI, Russia – The volunteers at the Olympics are everywhere. They dot the streets, buses, venues and the Olympic Park. They
“The Closing Ceremony is always different from the Opening Ceremony,” Ernst explained. “In our case we decided to turn the
This week, our Twitter feed wasn't inundated with New York Fashion Week updates... and we're okay with it. That being said
As the saying goes, behind every men's hockey team on the verge of success is a women's hockey team that already won a gold
"Are you really asking me that? I think we're going to win," the veteran winger said when asked who should be favored on
“Honestly, there was a little bit more backlash than I thought there would be but it was all worth it in the end” Hansen
In Chu's rigorous training on and off the rink, she focuses on core and lower-body moves -- 'cause when she's making her way across the ice in a game, someone's usually right on her tail.
(YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images) Commenting on Asada's emotional performance on NBC Sports Network, Johnny Weir put it best
Carolina Kostner & Jennifer Lopez Yulia Lipnitskaya & Amy Adams Mae Berenice Meite & Venus Williams Gracie Gold & Heidi Klum
Moments after watching Canadian forward Marie-Philip Poulin score the gold medal-winning goal, Sid Seixeiro shouted a bizarre
Korotkov would join Niederer in the semifinals by sliding across the finish line ahead of Norberg and Pellinen. Debates over
Music is an amazing tool for athletes to use when they are getting ready to train or compete.
Bode Miller had a reason to celebrate on Wednesday even after his Sochi Olympics ended with a tweaked knee and a 20th-place
An unidentified hockey fan was spotted in the stands wearing blackface and the jersey of Canada's P.K. Subban during the
She fell in love with the feeling of flying, which is pretty much what ski jumping is: speeding down the takeoff ramp, uncoiling