Social anxiety disorder

Fifteen million people have it, yet it remains in the shadows.
“I get sweaty, my heart races, and I want to run.”
Loving alone time is different from a mental health condition.
It might seem like it’s easier to interact with others online, but social media can provide new stressors and a deeper sense of isolation.
Are you "just a worrier," or has anxiety begun to eat away at your life? The author of "On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety" reveals how she realized the toll fear was taking on her.
I can be dying inside while going through the motions of the day.
"I always worry that I’ll be defined by something that most people don’t even fully understand."
To a degree, social anxiety affects many people. The phenomenon is defined as the fear of social situations that involve
I remember it like Groundhog’s Day yesterday. On a 1990s winter’s afternoon in New York my boyfriend and I were having a