social brain

The power of touch goes beyond helping parents and children bond.
The meaning of practice needs to be reinterpreted. The focus on cognitive thinking and technical skills underlying this problem-program-implementation-assessment action-framework needs to give space to a skill-set capable of actually building lasting trust and reciprocal altruism between key development actors.
Even if we conclude that children and some adults "need" these negative emotions to restrain their worst impulses, you and
Studies in macaque monkeys have shown that brain areas involved in face processing and in predicting the intentions of others
Because the human brain has become so large and sophisticated in terms of the social computations it supports, it takes a very long time for it to develop fully.
In one of the recent studies on the health benefits of social relationships, published earlier this year, researchers provided
Nature designed the brain for face-to-face interactions -- not the online world. Email actually tricks the brain.