social contract

The recent U.S. election exposed two major intersecting fault lines in America that, if left unchecked, could soon produce an era of social and economic upheaval unlike any in our history.
3. Politics and the Social Contract. We are today mired in an important series of elections--presidential, congressional
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"Labor share of GDP" includes income for everyone - regular workers, as well as CEOs, the top 1%, .1% and .01%. Since the
As progressive thinkers and prudent business leaders increasingly recognize the need to strengthen the basic safety net and
When we stop trying to define the truth for others we can begin to appreciate to what extent the society we inhabit is an ongoing negotiation between the secular and the religious. The social contract keeping the peace between us proves only as tolerant as the quid pro quo that guarantees its citizens' mutual survival.
During his U.S. visit in September, Pope Francis told Congress, "Let us seek for others the same possibilities we seek for
The NYC Mayor's Office of Tech & Innovation has asked for bold ideas and innovation to "help bring high speed Internet to all New Yorkers", including "more choices among ISPs", and "expanded service to underserved communities", which may require "policy changes".
Over the last two decades there has been a continuous pattern of throwing money, our money, at broadband again and again. Ironically, instead of taking on the companies, many times these additional funds can end up in the hands of the same companies.
Soul is about human connection. Soul is about deep feeling, about self-knowledge and empathy. As my Songhay friends in West Africa like to say, a soulful quality makes life sweet, which, in turn, sweetens the quality of life in the world. My students remind me that without soul, there is no social contract and no social harmony.