Social Drugs

The federal government is divided on whether the hemp CBD extract is legal.
Chronic pain patients simply cannot afford to be left out of the conversation. Their needs must be a part of the solution.
The war on marijuana has turned thousands of children into the walking wounded.
Across the country, disparate drug enforcement has guaranteed inequality for years to come.
Vermont became the ninth state to legalize weed and the first to do it through legislation. But don't expect recreational cannabis sales any time soon.
The industry is growing fast, and women of color are setting the terms.
Even though a survey indicated 90 percent would use the service, the testing hasn't been allowed.
Stateline home page Sign up for exclusive state policy reporting and research Supervised drug injection facilities are being
Even in progressive films, realistic representation of people in recovery Is missing.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted to make state-legal weed businesses paranoid, but they're mostly chill for now.
In the state's freshly opened legal market, there's no place for the marijuana industry's hipneck pioneers.
The tobacco company is pushing e-cigarettes instead, in what anti-smoking advocates are calling a "P.R. stunt."
For the third day in a row, marijuana is legally available for both purchase and consumption in California, for purely recreational
There are benefits to banishing the booze.
The first state to legalize medical cannabis becomes the most populous to allow recreational use.
There was mild surprise when the news hit that the opioid death rate among Blacks is fast approaching that of whites. Surprise
Self-organized groups of opioid users are working together to stay alive and fight the stigma of drug use -- even if they’re not trying to quit.