social experiment

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Most people who took dollars took only a few, but Bridges said a very small number took as much as they could. "People of
Filmmakers and life partners Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason talked to 365 strangers in the last year, as they set out to create a new bite-sized documentary (they call them docobites) every day about a stranger they met during their adventures.
The end of the video features a statistic from the 2012 Australian Reconciliation Barometer that only 13 percent of all Australians
Social Networking is completely out of control these days. But do the things we do online make sense in real life? Follow me as I test out social media in real life all over New York City!
In a video uploaded to YouTube, prankster Josh Paler Lin gives $100 to a homeless man and secretly follows the him to find
Tommy Lukrich, 23, of Moscow, Idaho, was nearing the end of his senior year at the University of Idaho when he got the idea
This act proved that showing appreciation is rewarding on both ends. While the people who received the call were surprised