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Urban Surf 4 Kids is a non for profit that uses sports as a catalyst to teach orphan and foster children to have fun and
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Ben Hamadi Zouhour, École de Management de Normandie Refrigerators in the Moroccan desert; a bracelet to prevent heart attacks
Today, the number of people living in high-poverty neighborhoods is increasing rapidly.
You can contribute to real change by acting and participating in myriad ways.
But certification is just the start. It's what you do as a B Corporation which is important and creates real meaning. By
"I'm the son of high school drop outs--my mom and dad--and now I am the first generation high school graduate," said Diego
Your money has power. Even if you don't have a lot of it. The Lily Group requires no minimum investment. And beyond that
I spent a great part of today reflecting on our first anniversary for Twomentor, LLC. Our Entrepreneurial Road Trip™ is about elevating women in STEM and helping companies build mentoring cultures to better retain Millennials. Our journey is well underway.
Kevin Turner (former COO of Microsoft), along with a star-studded line of supporters such as Lew Wolff (owner of MLB's Oakland
What is YOUR call to action? For us, it has been a lifelong and professional journey to help those most underserved. What
And if you are a leader who is currently "in control" but wants to instead be "under control," know that many fellow leaders have made this transition. Think of it as your final, yet finest, act of being in control -- showing the agency and control to let go.
As former U.S. president Bill Clinton once said, "Intelligence, dreams and the willingness to work are evenly distributed throughout the world." I believe that what we have to do is tap into the already existing and immense entrepreneurial energy for a greater social impact.
How to take action as a social entrepreneur Is impact entrepreneurship right for you? The chance to work directly with students
While these ideas may seem "out of reach," new developments in the fields of AI, robotics, digital medicine, 3D printing and more are transforming the way we live to ensure a better future.
Both of us had come to the Global Ambassadors Program with certain expectations about mentoring. Sbu had recently left her
After being battered by decades of war, Vietnam has risen as one of Asia's most dynamic and rapidly growing countries. With an emerging economy that is creating opportunities, the youth of Vietnam are being empowered to take on real world challenges through nonprofit and social entrepreneurial projects.