social jet lag

Not getting enough sleep, we now know, is like smoking cigarettes or drinking too much -- something which is bad for us, plain and simple. But if we can learn to prioritize it, there is a huge dividend to be reaped in terms of our health and happiness.
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You can feel the affects of jet lag without leaving your time zone.
I spoke with Till Roenneberg about the effects of "social jet lag" on our behavior and performance, the changes schools and companies can make to accommodate our biological needs, and the aggressive campaign required to take away the "coolness" of sleep deprivation.
"A 'simple' re-organization of shifts according to chronotype allowed workers to sleep more on workday nights," Till Roenneberg
4. Get moving. Exercise will get your energy flowing after a night out, so force yourself to hit the gym or simply take a
The best way to beat social jet lag is to stick to your regular sleep schedule all weekend long, says Breus. Yes, that's
Many of us spend the entire workweek looking forward to the weekend, but when Saturday and Sunday actually roll around, we're
Even minor shifts in people’s sleep schedules during the weekend, such as staying up late and sleeping in, can have an impact
Who gets more of a recharge at night: You or your phone?
In our modern society of too-late work hours and too much time in front of computer screens, we are listening to our social clocks more than our physiological clocks, causing a greater sleep gap, known as social jetlag.
Social jet lag is "the discrepancy between what our body clock wants us to do and what our social clock wants us to do," says
Even if you didn't travel long distances during the holiday season, you may return to work feeling as if you did. British