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This might seem simple, but it's important to set clear goals for what you want to accomplish. If you don't have clearly
There's a powerful meaning behind the tiny gesture.
The teen has had a difficult few months, beginning in December when she complained to her parents of pain in her ankle. She
Scroll below to see #girlswithtoys tweets. To take action on pressing education issues, check out the Global Citizen's widget
Prior to Jenner coming out, Australian radio show, "The Kyle and Jackie O Show," planned a social media campaign, calling
Mothan4Men is composed of three Penn students Amy Zhuo, Charles Bagley and Rebecca Chen, and Drexel student Nelson Pun. These four students decided to tackle the H'University Movember challenge, and start a campaign to help raise awareness about Movember.
"This cancer is nasty with a low rate of survival. But I have a strong faith and wanted to really live. So my mom and I made
Activists led by Britain’s Active Change charity are spreading peace online, using the same social media platforms that the
The Ice Bucket Challenge has proven that even in a time of philanthropic fatigue, the right call to do something for others can get our attention--and our action.