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Establish this first, as it will be the foundation of your campaign. 5. Engage Your Users In order to meet goals, you're
The Dover Police Department in Delaware, aka the department that's home to the sassy officer who sings Swift's "Shake It
Scroll below to see #girlswithtoys tweets. The #girlswithtoys campaign is stunning, powerful and will make you want to bust
The radio station even offered some assistance to anyone who wanted their nails painted. Fans tweeted photos alongside messages
Mothan4Men is composed of three Penn students Amy Zhuo, Charles Bagley and Rebecca Chen, and Drexel student Nelson Pun. These four students decided to tackle the H'University Movember challenge, and start a campaign to help raise awareness about Movember.
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Watch a snippet of the Skype session between Cranston and Joyner, below: Joyner
These young British Muslims have a message for the so-called “Islamic” State: Don’t murder innocents in my name. "Islam teaches
The Ice Bucket Challenge has proven that even in a time of philanthropic fatigue, the right call to do something for others can get our attention--and our action.
The first quarter of the year is at an end, and we've already been offended, shocked, impressed and overwhelmed by business's activity on social media.
What do you think about Little Caesars' social media campaign -- funny and tongue-in-cheek, or does it miss the mark? Answer
The most surprising part is the organic expansion that it has had, because we haven’t promoted the campaign in the media
There are parallels between gorging ourselves on Twinkies and measuring the value of our social audience by the number of "likes." Experts have been telling us for a long time that we need to ditch these empty "likes," but they've been so easy to get and so ingrained in our social media upbringing that we continue to indulge ourselves.
Some brands are holding their breaths while others are diving head-first into the social media pool, hanging on for dear life to both their budgets and resources while trying to navigate the many platforms that continue to emerge.
For food and beverage companies, crowdsourcing new flavors has become nearly as trendy as salted caramel or pumpkin spice
Right before the U.S. House of Representatives left for the summer to go home to campaign for your vote, they voted to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the richest Americans millionaires and billionaires.
WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports [h/t BabyCenter] Kayla Brooks, 13, told WKRN she gathered 2,000 signatures
"Men like a lot of things, but there is something most of them wouldn't like very much," a YouTube video from the company