1. Figure out how to distinguish personal and business. Are you the brand or are you a part of business that you are branding
One of the more common problems businesses have with social media is not knowing what channels they should be active on and why.
Even just 10 minutes a day of genuine listening – something as simple as checking in and answering questions — can make all
Employees have the flexibility to select and use the tools that suit them best and a 'Bring Your Own Application' business environment is emerging. In this scenario, progress is seemingly the winner, but there is danger ahead without strategic consolidation and standardization
Thinking about and detailing a crisis management plan in advance is of course ideal; getting at least prepared with the basics is a necessity.
There's no back-patting for companies that have Twitter accounts. You need to create meaningful interactions with real people, and you need to find a way to scale your particular method as your network grows into the tens of thousands.