C. M. Rubin is the author of two widely read online series for which she received a 2011 Upton Sinclair award, "The Global
The stark problem of inequality was a major theme in my global discussions this month. Inequality (gender and economic) causes huge gaps in who can get a good education, but it also creates gaps in who are unable to use their education for employment.
It's time now for school districts to take the power and become their own media channel using all the free media channels out there to promote the positive-learning center school leaders know their school to be.
Kevin Skeoch: We encourage students to use age appropriate devices in the classrooms, which include laptops, tablets and
I might be a little biased, okay A LOT biased, but I want to give you the 4 reasons why I think that teaching social media to our children in schools is not only necessary, but critical.
There are school-owned computers at schools that students can use. And they can use their own devices after school. So far
Visit Education Week (Bethesda, Md.) at Within the wide expanse of social networking, educators appear to
Cooks seeks $75,000 in damages from TPS, Twitter and the families of the girls who allegedly took the photos. The two students
Mother Hazel Davis tells WBNS that she reported the post to the principal after receiving numerous concerned phone calls
An Oklahoma City high school science teacher and girls' volleyball coach is apologizing for an explosive, hate-filled rant
"She needs to be up out of here. Because how can you do your job and that's what you think about students?" parent Monica
Indeed, at the conference, a room set aside for in-person mingling and chatting was often more crowded than the auditorium
"It's not a big change for us because we've been teaching a lot of these things for years," Glendale Elementary School District
The girls were suspended for 10 days in January after a parent gave a copy of the Facebook thread to school administrators
In a panel convened at Brookings yesterday to discuss how technologies like social media and video games are influencing
Carroll says he doesn't think he should be punished by the school for what he posts on his own time and on his own computer
[Read about a school in Silicon Valley that has chosen not to use technology in its classrooms here.] Why so declarative
Cunningham isn't the only one concerned with online communication between teachers and students of late. In the wake of last