Maarit Rossi (@pathstomath) from Finland says her school has partnered with the YLE's (Finnish Broadcasting Company) News
The stark problem of inequality was a major theme in my global discussions this month. Inequality (gender and economic) causes huge gaps in who can get a good education, but it also creates gaps in who are unable to use their education for employment.
It's time now for school districts to take the power and become their own media channel using all the free media channels out there to promote the positive-learning center school leaders know their school to be.
Maria Barberis: Technology has enhanced access to content and increased student interest and creativity. We are committed
I might be a little biased, okay A LOT biased, but I want to give you the 4 reasons why I think that teaching social media to our children in schools is not only necessary, but critical.
This piece comes to us courtesy of The Hechinger Report. Q: Why does it exist in New York City? Right now, it's face to face
On the surface, educators' social-network membership mirrors that of the general population, the survey shows. Overall, such
The suit alleges that Twitter should have "used reasonable care in the administration of its website so as to prevent the
But back in Memphis, the debate continues, and Gatewood's Facebook page has been removed. Munroe was reinstated at the school
In response, Lowe posted on Facebook, according to KWTV: At least 40 school districts nationwide have adopted social media