Be honest: When's the last time you reviewed your profile on LinkedIn? If you're looking for a job, it's not only time to update your profile so you're more findable. It's also time to sift through the connections you have for avenues to potential employers.
8. Diversify your career options. Never put all your eggs in one basket. The job market is one big numbers game. Apply to positions early and often. You're far more likely to miss out on your dream job if you don't know that it exists. Find it before someone else does.
Think of social media as your job search ninja sidekick. It doesn't do ALL the work, but if you give direction to and take advantage of its presence, it may just sneak in and make your job a whole lot easier.
When you put yourself out there you never know what might come your way. So, take a look at your profiles and assess it from an outside perspective.
The 2013 job market is a changing commodity. It is imperative that up-and-coming students and job seekers know how to truly play up their best assets -- one of which nearly always is to highlight their understanding of current digital life.