We are trained by the media tycoons to stay in tuned with what they deem relevant. With facts like these, it is not shocking that we run to our own individual social media accounts for comfort and acceptance.
The recent explosion in football writing appears to have been fueled in no small part by the acceleration in use and availability of social media, both as a platform for debate and as a means of dissemination.
Innovation has always been a key factor for company growth. But never as important as now, with the internet disrupting so many old habits and well established business models.
Is journalism as we know it on its last legs? Some think so. But the evidence is not convincing.
Roy stopped by Bloomberg TV Wednesday night to chat about "the brave new world" of journalism in the age of social media. Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms impact the way news breaks and as Roy noted, it's not always a positive impact.
Social media is on the rise, with the Internet leading the future of journalism, effecting the current state of the consumption of journalism.
Occupy is a story coming from many viewpoints, with many developments. This makes it an ideal topic for social media. The question becomes: How do you round all that up?
At least 18 newspapers have shuttered all their foreign bureaus in the past decade. Many news outlets simply don't have the money and manpower to populate foreign bureaus these days, but that does not mean that foreign stories can't be told.