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Companies are not just using Digital Influencers to grow their businesses, they are paying them....and paying them well.
As media evolves, creative industries are growing more finicky, and design and content alone are no longer enough to reach
1. Creation-Station/Behind-the-Scenes: Give your peeps a peek behind-the-scenes. Creating a course? Show them what your work
This one, unique attribute that boosts certain brands and makes them stand out is known as a cult following. Without the
Since the advent of social media, brands have been scrambling for ways to engage fans and monetize from their expressed fandom. More than one billion people are on Facebook, the world's most popular social media platform, while billions of others are on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and so on.
Make sure you customize sharing options. For example, will the tweet include your username? Will the facebook share include
Initially there was not an option to create list on twitter. Later in December 2009, twitter introduces this amazing feature. This list feature gives you the ability to group your friends accordingly into specific lists and you can easily catch up with their tweets you may have otherwise missed.
The same laws of attraction have never governed the social media marketing scene for too long.
Ever wonder how to get your event hashtag to trend? Here's a story of an event that went viral in a few hours...