Monitoring social media accounts during a criminal case is not uncommon, but it's left many of the women feeling revictimized.
In the digital age where social media has made conversations between brands and customers transparent for the world to see, no longer can you hide behind complaints and negative feedback.
Electronic bullying is another form of harassment that Rebecca Sedwick was forced to endure; however, it was not your average online bullying, it become a lynch-mob, what some would call cyber-mobbing.
When your fans are contributing the only content related to your brand, and apparently getting paid for it, problems will ensue.
Spying on our kids implies distrust. We need to treat our children with respect because the way to get kids to act trustworthy is paradoxically, to offer them our trust.
Small and large businesses alike frequently fail to comprehend how social media can be used to hear the subtle, vital nuances of the market or worse yet, the not-so-subtle screams.