Unified Social Inbox The most valuable asset anyone has is time, and in today's bloated world of information overload it's
LinkedIn, every professional knows about it, but how many actually leverage it properly?
Buffer Bufferapp is a handy social media scheduling tool. This app allows you to write and schedule social media posts in
Today's internet savvy consumers can within seconds of walking into your business, tweet about their experiences, good or bad, and if keeping up with what's being said about you online isn't enough, add to the mix, managing the conversations and the content your customers consume.
This 'Internet of things' we call the web has naturally morphed into The Facebook, Twitterland and numerous other social media channels, where a generation of millennials and select old people (generation x'ers and the like) spend their every waking minute contributing and curating content in hopes of engaging 'someone.'
Writing great articles is just half the battle. You need the most efficient tools as well to aid in your promotion and getting your content discovered by more and more people.
Most successful bloggers are not only great storytellers. They know the best and most effective tools of the trade too.
LinkedIn is the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century and there are three main reasons why -- media, partnerships and clients. Before we get into the specifics let me share some background with you.
If you're looking for some practical and effective tips on how to develop a following on social media, you've come to the right place. Here are my top five ideas for building an engaged audience and getting results from social media.
In this article, I'll outline five of my top social media tools to help you manage your social channels and practice effective social media marketing and community management.
The pace of technological change is accelerating rapidly. In the case of social media, it is rapidly becoming social multi-media, meaning we have the addition of photos, graphics, animation, music, video, and more. Why is this happening?
Figure 4 For most businesses that are establishing a social media presence these apps should be more than enough. But there
Social media is revealing a new world of the "relational self." We're moving away from seeing ourselves as unique individuals and are beginning to define ourselves by relating to others.
it appears that now every start-up has jumped on the social media bandwagon promising to simplify your company's Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, or Google+ accounts. It's enough to drive any digital advertising exec bonkers.
Having a social media platform for communicating is extremely important for the success of your publicity campaigns. The tools presented in this list can make communicating your messages on target and easy to manage.
"I used to say "justify every pixel," said Sree Sreenivasan, a dean of student affairs and professor at the Columbia Journalism School. "Now I say earn every reader."
Some journalists believe beyond reason that by hiding atop a lofty tower or inside a narrow niche, they can still manage to monetize the old, ink-and-paper industry.