Social media is moving at breakneck speeds and what was yesterday's latest craze is today's "That is so 2015." In order to stay on top of your marketing game, you need to know what's going on in this ever-evolving social world.
The same laws of attraction have never governed the social media marketing scene for too long.
It's difficult to say which is worse: The fact that we seem to need to document every moment of our existence or the need to put ourselves at the center of everything.
In recent months, the ever-evolving social Web and demand for a visual-first approach requires that everyone in public affairs and communications learn how to create and design compelling visual content.
Rutledge cautioned, “Remember that there are a lot of people in pain and to have compassion and awareness for other people
Facebook is number one, but its popularity is shrinking, according to a new study on teenagers' use of social media. This is more evidence of a "teenager problem" that Facebook seems to be battling.
If you want to start anticipating changes in international politics, watch the news for items about prisons, dig into a particular country's politics when its government is rigging an election, and keep track of the use and censorship of social media.
“I frequently see people using them as a way to set off a meta-comment or stage whisper about the comment they’re making
A new study by the London Science Museum, has discovered that more Britons would prefer to live without a flushing toilet