social movement

"The greatest social movements in history were rooted in the ethic of love," says Valarie Kaur.
If Asian-Americans continue to believe that this movement does not apply to them, they are wrong.
The purpose of this article is to start a revolution. A non-violent one, based on voluntary change in civil society.
In the last couple of days I've seen two headlines which make Leila Sansour's film-slash-human-rights-movement Open Bethlehem both perfect and important.
- Retract the [May 10, 2013] decree that is being used as a justification to confiscate peasant lands on Île-à-Vache; Nixon
Our coming together has also empowered our claims as Mayan people. The outward expression of oppression is that we are "little
I could have written three books on babies, and they would have been very different ones. Truly now, I do believe that baby knows best. No matter what you believe in and try, the children will probably live the life they are intended for, the way they want to.
You might not believe it, but extreme poverty is in retreat. If the world can avoid becoming complacent and keep momentum on the side of the poor, there's a real opportunity to end extreme poverty within a generation -- this generation.
From an outsider's perspective it may have felt that everything happened overnight, but these feelings have been stirring among Brazilians for a while.
The demonstration and protests show no signs of slowing down, and if Micah White's passion is any indication, the Occupy Wall Street movement is far from over.
For now, Ortiz said, protesters need to organize under the assumption that established institutions will not swoop in to
There are some truths about women's health that may now seem self-evident, but perhaps would not be so obvious if it were not for the ideas espoused, starting so long ago, by "Our Bodies, Ourselves."
The water crisis is proving to be equally complex, even more so. While it's skipped the political hot potato stage, it's knocking at our front door and few are listening.