social safety net

The 2020 candidates have ambitious plans for tackling big challenges, but still aren’t ready to repair America’s social safety net.
In the shadows of his constitutional crisis, the president is still doing a lot of regular Republican stuff -- without help from Congress.
The GOP is trying to put yet another roadblock between between poor people and the help they need.
The proposal could help keep out immigrants and drive people off safety-net benefits.
Americans rely on low-wage workers every day while the House GOP shreds their social safety net.
The poverty expert delivered a blistering report on inequality and the social safety net in the U.S.
A network of diaper banks now alleviates some of the suffering caused by the 1996 gutting of welfare.
They worry the newspaper's coverage will embolden politicians who want to slash aid.
It's part of a pilot program to reduce poverty.
Whether "liberal" or "conservative," a rational person who admits the veil of ignorance understands the importance of fairness and of general concern for the welfare not only of himself but of others who differ from his present status and characteristics.
There has been virtually no discussion, from Republicans or Democrats, about how to improve the conditions of individuals and families in poverty who are striving to reach the middle class, but are not yet there. What about these people?
In my interest to do some research on the causes and prevention of homelessness in the U.S. and Australia I discovered this treasure trove of comparison data on a whole host of living conditions.
Financial security turns out to be a pretty good indicator of how active someone is in politics. Just over half of the least
Holding parents criminally responsible would constitute bad legislation, even worse public policy, and a distressing sign that we as a country have completely failed to understand the relationships among individuals, families, and public institutions.
Tomorrow, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan will present his proposal to address poverty in the United States. We welcome any ideas that lift more Americans out of poverty and create pathways into the middle class, but we will oppose any plan that uses the sunny language of "reform" as a guise to cut vital safety-net programs.
Socially, we're stuck in a system of profit (private prisons, for instance) and waste (human lives). We're stuck in a society with a defective immune system, and reaping the consequences.