social safety net

"For the bulk of my life, I’ve made roughly $28,000 a year, with two kids, as a single parent."
Progressives are criticizing the party’s leading plan to expand child care.
“We haven’t seen a shift like this since FDR,” one policy expert said.
Our editors have picked some of your most thought-provoking comments from last week’s top stories.
Several changes to food and disability benefits are included among the dozens of regulations lined up.
For some, the COVID-19 pandemic is an inconvenience, says a former Lehman Brothers executive. For others, it’s life and death.
The 2020 candidates have ambitious plans for tackling big challenges, but still aren’t ready to repair America’s social safety net.
In the shadows of his constitutional crisis, the president is still doing a lot of regular Republican stuff -- without help from Congress.
The GOP is trying to put yet another roadblock between between poor people and the help they need.
The proposal could help keep out immigrants and drive people off safety-net benefits.