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"With the middle class struggling and more people living in poverty than ever before, we cannot afford to make life even
A pair of House Republicans have a new bill that would spare the military from sequestration by cutting the Social Security benefits of many Americans who already experience painful federal budget cuts.
"Washington has a spending problem, but incessantly and mindlessly cutting national security will not get us out of our fiscal
Every October, the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates cost-of-living adjustments by comparing price indexes from the third
No one is getting rich from Social Security. Social Security beneficiaries have little flexibility in their household budgets. They paid into Social Security throughout their working lives, and have earned a COLA that should keep their benefits at pace with inflation.
In every successful struggle there's a time to celebrate a hard-fought victory. When it comes to Social Security, this is not that time.
We must stand up for our seniors and veterans -- in New York and across the country -- and urge our lawmakers to reject any cuts to the benefits on which they rely, including raising the retirement age or slashing cost of living adjustments.
Markey urged supporters in an email Tuesday to sign a petition his campaign has launched opposing chained CPI, a proposal
CORRECTION: This article has been edited to correct a quote from Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.). Coons said a "circle of protection
For 58 million Americans, the Social Security system works satisfactorily. Therefore, many were surprised when President Obama suggested a fix, using the chained CPI for the cost-of-living adjustment. What's wrong with the Social Security system?