social security disability insurance

The White House wants to crack down on fraud as applications for Social Security disability are plunging.
If politicians truly wish to support veterans, they should protect and expand the government programs that serve them.
Eighty-two years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Social Security into law. The program has most emphatically
Document everything.
For many families, forgoing pay for up to 12 weeks, even in the midst of serious health needs, is highly unrealistic.
Trump's budget director makes a tricky claim to argue proposed Social Security budget cuts don't break campaign promises.
But cuts to Social Security disability do not count, according to Trump's budget director.
There is good reason that he is covering up the truth.
The focus on Social Security and other disability benefits is a misdirection from the real issues impacting today’s workers.
Trump has been completely silent in the face of attacks on Social Security and Medicare from GOP leaders. Not one comment.