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These homeless people are blocked from social services when there are few parking spaces to leave their cars without risking tickets.
"We see volunteering as a really important way to break down the divides between us."
Already, social-service programs have failed these children--and this won't be the only time. Coming from largely low-income
As many of you may know, October is domestic violence awareness month. Every year, those of us who find passion in working
Siddarth Narayan wants the president's ear. He knows many young adults are cynical about politics -- they don't believe their opinions are heard and they aren't sure how to enter the political process. But he's working to change that.
A few days before this past holiday weekend I had the opportunity to meet with the men and women who run our Win shelters and permanent supportive housing for homeless families. The timing - just before Independence Day - was so appropriate.
Recent articles on bonded labor and human trafficking in India highlight the all too easily overlooked fact that democracies often sustain egregious human rights violations within their own borders.
From climate change to Zika to ISIS, it can seem like there are more global challenges than there are people (which is a lot). Clearly, there is no need to create imaginary problems
The "Fair Tax"--an income tax system under which people with higher incomes pay a higher tax rate and people with lower incomes
This is not to say that Molenbeek does not have talented youth workers making a difference in the community every day. Molenbeek
Creativity is a good thing on many levels! And, most importantly, creativity belongs to everyone, as do the arts. Where things get complicated is along a continuum of the use of creativity and the arts between and among arts and health, arts education, and arts and social service professionals.
Probably the most controversial aspect for us at the newspaper was coverage of Goodiding's alleged killer. Phillip Max Ferry, 55, was a longtime county resident when he wasn't incarcerated. Ferry was well-known -- for criminality, addictions and demons.
Ask our clients about the long, tough hours they've put in toward a better life, and how U.S.VETS has helped them, and the
As the number of families without homes continues to increase, more attention is being focused on their plight.
Below are five trends that we are watching, paired with headlines you might see in The Onion in 2016. In other words, don't take our "predictions" too seriously. But there's often great truth in satire.
Laurel House, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Fairfield County since 1984, provides the thriving Supported Education
Knowing that someone has good intentions doesn't mean you have to put up with their craziness. In fact, a clear-eyed view of the difference between their intent and their actions may be the very thing that gives you the courage to walk away.
Teenage runaways fall into two categories: chronic and episodic. Chronic running away is a routine power ploy that could involve substance abuse, while episodic running away involves isolated incidents in which a humiliating event, such as a pregnancy or fear of parental disapproval, triggers a teenager to flee home.
Programs cannot replicate the innovation, ingenuity and cultural appropriateness of what families do for themselves. Further, programs cannot provide the ongoing emotional support that peers provide.