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As social media continues to reshape business models and drive the strategic planning process, new roles within companies are being defined. Corporations that were once reluctant to implement a social media policy now acknowledge its importance.
The moral of the social media story is: stay conscientious, my friends. You never know what may come of an impromptu share.
Because there is no information identifying Facebook beyond the referrer for web requests, we can measure the rate of unknown referrers on traffic through uniquely tagged Bitlinks that are explicitly shared only on Facebook.
If you have ever posted a news link to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then you have participated in the social sharing ecosystem which is overtaking traditional channels as the most powerful way to distribute information.
In this interview with Ira Haberman, Director of Marketing for Atomic Reach, find out some very big mistakes you might be making, how to write so your audience will feel it in their hearts and why SEO doesn't work like it used to.
Our desire to move these experiences into the digital world is not an attempt to escape from them, it's an expression of a fundamentally human desire to take our most positive experiences and share them with others. Finally, digital technology is getting it.
Conservatives, rarely lacking significant resources, can afford to drop big money on paid advertising to get their message in front of millions of people. Progressives will need to get the most out of social if they want to compete.
This isn't the first mobile conflict between Twitter and Facebook. An Instagram update in July disabled the "Find Twitter
How can a mobile app developer create engagement and gain exposure to be one of the coveted 37 downloads a user makes a year? The simple answer is social sharing.
While we have yet to see operationally how this deal with play out, we may see more quickly in the court of public opinion what happens. For now, if users are unhappy with this recent move, maybe it's time to try Hipstamatic?
The recent revelations that some iPhone and Android apps are uploading and storing users' phone address books without permission not only violates the privacy of the person using the phone but, potentially, everyone in that person's address book.
The coffee chain recently introduced swipe-and-pay stations at registers, allowing mobile users to pay for coffees by phone
Geolocative and entertainment check-in apps have recently exploded in popularity. And the fashion world is a natural extension for social sharing -- especially when it comes to shopping. Enter Pose.