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The apps offer terrific lessons on building communication, organization and social skills
You probably have this image of me being a weird bookworm with no social skills, but I'm like any other normal, happy kid.
"Knowing what type of social anxiety you have is the first step in refuting your brain's insistence that you are not enough."
From boosting their chances of future success and honing their communication skills to becoming more comfortable talking with adults and thinking of how they can serve others, building an effective network at any age comes with too many perks to ignore.
10. Move on. When the conflict is resolved you can either 1) embrace the solution knowing you may need to tweak it one day
When I became a mother, my social skills flew out the window.
How to teach SEL to students with disabilities The second key to using the evidence-based group lessons from SEL programs
I just want to be his loving and — yes — often overwhelmed mom.
This article first appeared on “Being introverted doesn’t mean you’re shy.” That’s what I always tell people
Becoming likeable is a skill -- and like any other skill it can be learned.
Self-awareness, empathy, and problem solving are skills that our children will need at every single stage of their lives, but there is are two simple reasons that these skills are often overlooked.
The first time I went to a gay club there were lots of attractive guys dancing, blaring music, neon lights swirling around in all directions, and strange lurkers on the sidelines of the club waiting for their prince charming. I felt like the most awkward person in the room.
Whether it is social anxiety, or not knowing how to correctly read other people, there are ways that we can learn and push ourselves that can greatly benefit our interactions with other people. If we can improve these interactions, we can further our social life, our work life, and our relationships.
Clearly, we need to be able to pick up on the unspoken messages that people are conveying to us. So where do we start to understand people and pick up on social cues? Here is a list that will hopefully get you off to a good start.
What you don't want to do is take it personally. It's easy to feel rejected, because that's what having another person show no interest in you feels like. But is that what actually happened? Can someone truly reject you if they haven't gotten to know you? And more importantly, if you know someone doesn't want to be friends with you, do you still want to be friends with them?
Working Memory is the ability to remember and process information and is an important skill that is linked grades from kindergarten to college. Poor visual working memory can play an important role in the difficulties experienced by a child with autism.
Being shy can be debilitating. It can prevent us from talking to people when we want to express ourselves. Shyness can also keep us from dating and finding quality men who like us back. After all, who will ever like us unless we're able to verbalize our feelings for another human being?
Today I want to share the three life lessons I learned by skydiving from 18,000 feet and how you can apply them to your life.