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When something goes wrong, it’s tempting to write the whole day off as “bad.” But the ceiling of your day’s potential lies
If you want to be a good ally to your Muslim friend this year, there’s no better time to start than during Ramadan.
By Jenn Director Knudsen For many parents, the truth is hard to admit: Adolescents begin to rely less and less upon the adults
Some of the significant findings include: "The findings highlight the importance of religion ... as a source of social and
The challenges of being poor are greater than we generally appreciate. Poverty requires both social and personal commitment to live longer and prosper.
We collected the best ways to change your neighborhood and your community's life, check it out!
"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want," says author and
Be conscious in the present and concern yourself with the happiness of the pursuit rather than the pursuit of the happiness. Do things from the spiritual heart -- remove your animalistic qualities and save yourself and many of us.
Clergy who serve flocks that support them in their times of need and let their pastors know how much they mean to them are much more likely to be satisfied in their ministry and have a higher quality of life, according to a new study.
As the secular culture marches on in its acceptance of pornography, one group of Americans is not finding it as easy to adapt, research indicates. The widespread access to graphic sexual images may be particularly damaging to religious individuals.