social work

About 14 million students attend a school without a single counselor, nurse, psychologist or social worker, according to a new report.
After talking to New Jersey’s compensation office, Edmonds received a blank application and started to fill it out. The application
The war on marijuana has turned thousands of children into the walking wounded.
Stateline home page Sign up for exclusive state policy reporting and research Supervised drug injection facilities are being
"It was always the same story: 'Christopher is dying,'" the father said.
This is how a Frenchman and a Kiwi traded in coming home at dawn three nights a week for the quieter life of fatherhood.
Only 20 percent of foster kids who graduate from high school end up going to college, compared with 60 percent of high school graduates overall.
These “pro-family” Republicans want to get rid of the tax credit that assists families with adoption.
Across the country, black and Latino children with special needs are far less likely to graduate than their white peers.
Several states allow adoption agencies to bar queer prospective parents. That must change.
A new web series finds humanity and humor in the foster care system.
The state of Louisiana and our nation must do more to provide economic security, not mere subsistence, to women often bearing the brunt of responsibility for keeping families afloat.
President Trump’s announcement yesterday reminded us all that the opioid crisis is a public health emergency, but in fact