"Judeo-Christian moral standards are like God’s instruction manual for ... the best operation for human society," said the attorney general.
Trump likes “strong-arm” leaders in “close to fascist-type societies dominated by the executive," Rep. Gregory Meeks says.
Billionaire CEO Jamie Dimon struggled to come up with a solution for an employee struggling to make ends meet on an entry-level wage at his bank.
Former President Barack Obama discussed the dangers of social media with Prince Harry on BBC radio, where he made a thinly-veiled jab at President Trump.
It's part “Mean Girls,” part “Napoleon Dynamite,” part “Clueless.”
New research shows a little FOMO, or fear of missing out, might be just enough to get us out the door.
A new study shows adolescents with close, meaningful friendships experience less anxiety later in life.
With homicides rising dramatically, one of the biggest challenges facing Little Rock is resurgent gang violence. Resident Kyle Clayton gave HuffPost his view on what can be done to help tackle the problem
'Both genders suffer a sense of loss and identity conflict when a romantic relationship ends.'