Walmart just slashed prices on giftable items like a SodaStream, 65-inch Roku TV, popcorn maker and even a ukulele.
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A surprisingly sustainable alternative to your La Croix addiction.
This kitchen tool will help you stop buying bottled sparkling water and canned seltzer forever.
An uproar over Israeli-Palestinian politics, sparkling water and Scarlett Johansson.
We were so confident in our abilities we immediately got out the champagne flutes. And how did it go? Put it this way. If
When fast track was defeated in the House, AIPAC was defeated in the House. I am frequently asked: How powerful is AIPAC in Washington really? My answer: Not so powerful that it cannot be beaten -- if we choose our battles correctly.
It has a way to go before it catches up to soda, but sparkling water is indeed having a moment. Long a kitchen table staple
(Reporting by Phil Wahba in New York and Lisa Baertlein in Los Angeles; Editing by Jonathan Oatis) Representatives for both
Those who support boycotting Israel are often blinded by hatred. They single out Israel as the world's worst oppressor. They do it to delegitimize Israel in the eyes of the world.
Dialogue is the only solution. For Israel, long term viability as a Jewish, democratic state in lieu a two-state solution could be demographically impossible. Two states for two peoples to express self-determination is the way forward.