Soft drink

The former mayor could revive his war on sugary drinks from the White House.
The defendant will not be able to drink Pepsi for four years, according to the ruling.
Teens probably pay the least attention to health warnings, so how can we get the group that drinks the most soda to notice?
Perhaps Big Soda has inadvertently given us the very best reason to support SB 1000, the Soda Warning Label Bill. Either
Most editors had difficulty discerning the difference between the bottled and canned Coke. Those that could, however, were
The company said it was "not changing the world-famous formula." So just what is changing? It all boils down to a few simple
In September of 2011, Hungary, with a 19 percent obesity rate, imposed a tax on packaged products with high sugar, salt, or
You decided a long time ago to go with artificial sweeteners. After a while, you didn't even notice the slightly different taste compared to sugar-sweetened beverages.
Children are consuming too many calories from sugar. The additional sugar in flavored milk can add up to an extra 5 pounds of body weight over a school year.
Why haven't these horrendous so-called cost conscious changes been rescinded as the gas prices have come down?