Soft power

The off-Broadway musical's cast album will be released Friday. HuffPost has a first listen to one of the songs.
The "play with a musical" takes a satirical look at being Asian in modern America.
"Hate Crime and Islamophobia Increase After Trump Victory." A few days after the U.S. election, that was the lead headline
The soccer soft power contrast between Qatar and Iceland speaks volumes. A comparison of the strategies of both countries
While in the U.S. this week, Suu Kyi is being applauded as a Nobel Peace Laureate and champion of the oppressed, her authority, mostly moral and political, but non-military, remains fragile at best. Without dedicated U.S. support for years to come, Myanmar stands to crumble as a patchwork of diversity and revert once more to authoritarian rule.
Nations such as South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and others all keep a close eye on China, but they also know that they individually and especially collectively possess enough economic and political vitality to offset some of China's regional dominance.
Undeniably, the use of soft power has become an important element of China's contemporary foreign strategy, and has been
At times when the church had been losing influence, his commentaries on such pertinent issues for younger generations, has
It's a simple, honest logic that, increasingly, is the one that is being adopted by soft power networks the world over. Trident is a gateway issue for a new transnational politics that, if fostered, will give us the security we yearn for.
We have all come across the terms hard power and soft power as generic descriptions of various government policies and behaviors around the world. Hard Power is probably the one we are most familiar with, as it seems to manifest itself in news headlines most days.